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A Strategy for Financial Data APIs in an Open Banking World

On the surface, an open banking framework in the US like the one proposed for the UK appears beneficial to today’s API providers. If such a framework was widely adopted, API providers would see overhead cost reductions and product improvement, as they would no longer need to support the multitude of proprietary banking system that exist today. Additionally, because US financial institutions would no longer need to support multiple APIs, an open framework would de-risk the possibility for API providers that their product does not become the industry standard. However, this de-risking is a double-edged sword and creates strategic problems for today’s providers. 

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Why iMessage Will Never Come to Android

TL/DR — Apple’s success is predicated on platform while Google’s is predicated on services. Where Apple builds services for its platform, Google builds platforms for its services. Any Apple service that provides stickiness to iOS, like iMessage, will never be available cross platform because it would represent a trade of valuable iOS platform users for less valuable service users. Despite the changing focuses of both Apple and Google over the next decade, these underlying platform/service truths will hold constant.

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