2014 Week 5 Review & Week 6 Picks

Week 5 Review (Week, 2-3, Season, 12-13 All Time 115-92-2)

Hands down the biggest surprise of Week 5 in our minds was New England's trouncing of Cincinnati. What should have been a fantastic matchup for Cincinnati quickly turned into a nightmare scenario. The game was emblematic of the fact that team performance can swing widely from week to week. If you base picks on what teams have done, rather than what you believe they will do, your picks will suffer. We will be keeping this in mind as teams continue to evolve and improve from one week to the next.


Week 6 Picks

Baltimore -3.5 (100) @ Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay has won its last two games, but needed a tremendous amount of luck to do so. While we do like Glennon and Tampa Bay's front four, it is difficult to support this team as a whole, even in light of the last weeks. Conversely, Baltimore has played extremely well on defense and has found a nice rhythm on the offensive line. We like Tampa Bay to come back down to earth and lose at home.


Atlanta -3 vs Chicago

It is difficult to think of a matchup in recent memory that pitted such good offenses against such bad defenses. This game will undoubtedly be a shootout, and in that type of game we'd rather have the better QB and the home team. We believe that Jay Cutler's carelessness with the football will cost Chicago this game as Atlanta wins comfortably.


Seattle -9 (100) vs Dallas

While we have loved Dallas' offensive line and improved defense all year, this is the time to step off for a week. Though we do like Dallas in general, this not a good matchup for them. As good as Dallas' rush attack has been, Seattle's rush defense has been better. We think Seattle will be able to slow down Dallas' offense considerably. Seattle did win last week, but they left a lot of points on the field. We expect Seattle to come out for blood and keep their foot down on the gas all game.


New York +3 (120) @ Philadelphia

Just like last week, we love the matchup between New York's revamped pass rush and their opponent's injured offensive line. We expect New York to win this game outright by pressuring Foles into bad plays.