2014 Week 1 Picks

We kick off another year of predictions this week, but our picks should be taken with a grain of salt as historically Week 1 has not been easy to predict given how little we know about each team. With that said, let's begin the 20114-2015 season!


Week 1 Picks

New Orleans -3 (105) @ Atlanta

Though Atlanta should be much improved this year, their defense should struggle to contain any aspect of New Orleans' offense. While New Orleans has struggled on the road in the past, this game is in a dome, which should mitigate some of Atlanta's home field advantage. We like New Orleans.


Dallas +4 vs San Francisco

We don't necessarily like Dallas this year, but given all of San Francisco's losses on the defensive side of the ball, we think this game will become a shootout and Dallas is better equipped for that type of game. We like Dallas to win outright in a high scoring, but tight matchup.


New England -4 @ Miami

New England has had its ups and downs playing in Miami over the years, but we think these teams are both being incorrectly valued. We do not think Miami will improve significantly from last year, while we expect New England to take a big jump forward on both the offensive and defensive side of the football. We like New England in a road blow out.


New York +6 @ Detroit

We do not predict either of these teams will have more than 8 wins this year, and really, only playoff caliber teams should be giving 6 points. We do not like either defense and think New York could contend in a shootout with Detroit. We like Detroit to win, but by less than a touchdown.


San Diego +3 (105) @ Arizona

Last year both of these teams surprised a lot of people. While we like San Diego to continue improving, we think Arizona is treading water and will see a regression back to the mean on defense. This game will be higher scoring than most expect, but ultimately San Diego will come out on top.