2014 Week 13 Review & Week 14 Picks

Week 13 Review (Week 3-2, Season 27-38, All Time 130-117-2)

Week 13 turned out to be a good one for us as our picks went 3-2 and had a chance of going 4-1 had it not been for a missed Gostkowski field goal. Despite the long and slow start to the season, we feel as though we have had a better understanding of teams over the last few weeks, and are looking forward to taking advantage of fading some over rated teams down the stretch.


Week 14 Picks

Houston -5.5 @ Jacksonville

We have liked Houston a lot this season largely because of their ability to run the ball and generate a pass rush. Houston has struggled against good opponents, but has dominated bad ones. Jacksonville was lucky to beat New York last week, and we think this game has the makings of a big Houston win.


Miami -3 vs Baltimore

Both of these teams posses great pass rushes and balanced offenses, making them virtually even in our eyes. At the same time, we still believe Baltimore's secondary is a major issue, and the loss of Ngata should compound Baltimore's defensive shortcomings. We think Miami's performance against New York was a one off let down and expect them to win comfortably in this game.


Oakland +8 vs San Francisco

We really wanted to believe in this San Francisco team as their defense proved capable of excellence despite the absence of its stars, but the state of their offense makes that impossible. They have failed to score touchdowns week in and week out against defenses they should be steam rolling. Oakland doesn't necessarily have the talent to beat San Francisco, but 8 points is too many lay for a team that is having this much trouble scoring. Baring turnovers, we like Oakland to be competitive in a low scoring game.


New England -4 @ San Diego

Despite being on a three game winning streak, San Diego has not looked great. Injuries on the defensive side of the ball have made them just an average team in our eyes. In contrast, we believe New England is close to being the best team in the league. For what it's worth, New England did travel directly to San Diego from Green Bay, and they should be well acclimated to the environment, mitigating some of San Diego's home field advantage. We like a vastly better New England team to win on the road.