2013 Week 1 Picks

Week 1 is finally here and here are our picks: 

Baltimore +9 @ Denver

Denver is better, but not by this much. Denver's offense should be explosive against a rebuilding Baltimore defense, but Baltimore shouldn't have much trouble scoring itself against a Miller-less Denver team.


Tampa Bay -3 @ New York

Tampa Bay is going to be a playoff contender, and New York might be looking at a top 5 draft pick. It's hard to give points on the road, but these teams are worlds apart in terms of talent. 


Cincinnati +3 @ Chicago

Chicago should be good this year, but Cincinnati should be better. Though this is a lower conviction pick given strength of Chicago, it is still a very winnable game for a Cincinnati team that is getting 3 points. 


Washington -3.5 vs. Philadelphia

Though first year coaches tend to have early success, not even Lombardi himself could fix Philadelphia's run-d, let alone Chip Kelly. Coincidentally, the Redskins are returning the leagues best rushing attack. Oh, and it's the return of RGIII so FedEx might be a touch louder and more energized than usual.


Houston -3.5 @ San Diego

Usually we like home dogs on primetime (because the fans have all day to tailgate, seriously) but Houston is just that much better than San Diego. San Diego's lack of weapons and inability to keep Rivers upright will be fatal against this Houston D.