2013 Week 13 Review & Week 14 Picks

Week 13 Review  (Week 3-2, Season 35-28-2)

As expected, our last few weeks of picks have been quite good as perception failed to keep up with performance for several teams, leaving significant value on the table. However, analysts and fans are beginning to come around on teams like Arizona and Carolina, who they have resisted to support until now Moving forward, as lines grind tighter, we will focus more on individual matchups, weekly circumstances, and short-term over-reaction rather than larger themes for individual teams.


Week 14 Picks 


Cleveland +10 @ New England

Beating Tom Brady in New England in December is a difficult proposition to say the least. However, as good as this New England team has been, they have still found themselves in close games more often than they have not. That, coupled with the fact that Cleveland can rush the passer, makes for a "too close for comfort" type of game. New England will win, but it will be close.


Minnesota +7 (-105) @ Baltimore

In a matchup between offenses of this (low) caliber, we don't really see a way in which this game could turn into a blow out save for a few untimely turnovers or big plays. We think Minnesota has a decent chance of going into Baltimore and finding success running the football. We like Minnesota to play some hard nosed football and to be competitive until the end. 


New Orleans -3 (-105) vs Carolina

While we have been early and big proponents of Carolina as a contender, we think this may just be too difficult of a spot for them. Carolina will have success throwing the ball, but will struggle to establish any running game. New Orleans on the other hand does have the personelle to test this Carolina defense, and they will definitely put up some points. We like New Orleans to win at home.


San Francisco -3 (-105) vs Seattle

Perhaps it is the "disappointing" season of Colin Kaepernick, but for whatever reason, no one is willing to admit that San Francisco is still a fantastic football team. While they do have their lapses on defense and they do have some head-scratchers on offense at least once a game, at the end of the day, they are still winning football games in a convincing manner. Though Seattle is on a roll, they are certainly not invincible, and we like a good team to win at home, especially against a division rival. 


Atlanta +3 (EV) @ Green Bay

Simply put, Green Bay is a completely different team with out Rodgers. His absence is felt in all phases of the game as the team has less confidence with out their franchise QB. With the season somewhat over for Green Bay, and with Rodgers still on the sideline, we don't think Green Bay will be able to put together a very meaningful or inspired performance, and we will take Atlanta on the road to win outright.