2013 Week 12 Review & Week 13 Picks

Note: Due to the holidays, this week's commentary will be brief.

Week 12 "Review" (Week 5-0, Season 32-26-2)

Week 13 Picks

Oakland +9.5 @ Dallas
Unlike most, we believe that McGloin is a downgrade from Pyror, who is a work in progress in his own right. While we definitely think Oakland will struggle on the offensive side of the ball, we can't really see Dallas doing anything offensively either. We were underwhelmed by Dallas' performance against New York and believe 9.5 is too wide of a margin for this team. We like Dallas to win a defensive game at home, but Oakland to cover the points.

Tampa Bay +8.5 @ Carolina
Though we still see Carolina as a real Superbowl contender, the hype has come a little too far on the heels of 3 straight narrow victories that really could have gone either way. Conversely, Tampa Bay has continued to fly under the radar despite also winning 3 games in a row. We believe that Tampa Bay will be surprisingly stout against the run and frustrating for Carolina's receivers while Glennon will manufacture points via the big play. We like Tampa Bay to stay competitive against a division rival.

Cincinnati PK @ San Diego
San Diego is coming off of its biggest win of the season after stunning Kansas City at home, however we have to discount their performance due to the 38 points they allowed a terrible Kansas City offense to score. Though on the road, Cincinnati should be able to score at will and hold Philip Rivers at bay with their still capable defense. We like Cincinnati to win a game that gets close at the end.

Washington -1.5 vs New York
Though we remain low on New York, we were somewhat impressed by their defensive performance against Dallas. However, New York is still nowhere near good enough of a football team to make us believe they can win on the road--even against Washington. We believe Washington will be able to run their way to a division win

Seattle -5.5 vs New Orleans
We think both of these teams have very realistic paths to the Superbowl, but this specific game certainly favors Seattle. While New Orleans is deadly in the dome, they struggle on the road and especially in hostile environments. Conversely, Seattle is dominate and, to be frank, extremely hostile at home. Overall this is a bad matchup for New Orleans' offense on multiple levels, and we like Seattle to win a blow out.