2017 Week 9 NFL ATS Picks

Week 8 Results

Week 3-2-0, Season 26-12-2, All Time 251-220-12


Week 9 Picks

The NFL is sometimes viewed not as one 16 game season, but rather, a season of 4 four game parts complete with their own narratives, expectations, and surprises. The NFL is a league of flux, and though we will all be surprised when a team that outperformed from weeks 4-8 crashes over the second half of the season, we shouldn't be. We saw a preview of this on Thursday, as the "red hot" Bills fell flat against a divisional rival in a national game. This Weeks' theme is all about going against mid-season story lines. The Saints' defense is improved (but not good), The Eagles' offense is great (but gives up a ton of pressure), The Titans' offense is too vanilla (but was missing it's most dynamic player), etc. etc. I expect more of these trends to correct back than I do to continue forward.


Broncos +7.5 @ Eagles

Bucs +7 (115) @ Saints

Colts +13 vs Texans

Titans -3.5 vs Ravens


One additional note -- I took the Colts at 13 before Watsons' injury. The pick will be recorded at that number for consistency, but I would still take the Colts now at 7.