2017 Week 8 NFL ATS Picks

Week 7 Results

Week 4-1-0, Season 23-10-2, All Time 248-218-12


Week 8 Picks

Often times, you'll see experts bandwagon around picks in a given week. Sports media personalities give their impressions of the previous week, narratives build, and when their picks for the weekend are broadcasted on Friday, there seems to be a lot of overlap across the industry. However after two weeks of bullwhipping between dogs (dominated in Week 6) and favorites (dominated in Week 7), a window of confusion has opened, where nobody seems to know who they are supposed to like. For me, the last two weeks have changed little about how I see most teams, which makes Week 8 a great time to take advantage of some market mispricings. 

Patriots -7 vs Chargers

Falcons -4.5 @ Jets

Seahawks -5.5 vs Texans

Washington +1.5 vs Cowboys

Chiefs -7 (100) vs Broncos