2017 Week 7 NFL ATS Picks

Week 6 Results

Week 4-1-0, Season 19-9-2, All Time 243-218-12


Week 7 Picks

The theme of 2017 has undoubtedly been parity. Underdogs, especially large ones, have pulled off more big upsets than any season in recent memory. It should be no surprise then to see a slate of games this week with no favorite giving more than seven points. However parity in the NFL is an illusion. Sure, any team can win any week, but to think that teams fielding replacement level players can win consistently en masse would be a damning statement against the ability of front offices to evaluate talent, the ability of coaches to coach it, and the ability of markets to price it. The NFL is a league of scarcity, and some teams are simply much better than others. With expectations perhaps too high for teams getting points, I’m happy to take favorites—even on the road. 


Saints -5.5 @ Packers

Jags -3 (120) @ Colts

Titans -6 (105) @ Browns

Cowboys -6 @ 49ers

Patriots -3 (120) vs Falcons