2017 Week 6 TNF NFL ATS Pick

Panthers -3 (105) vs Eagles

Long term, I continue to believe that the Eagles will be one of the best teams in the NFC, but Week 6 will be an incredibly difficult spot for the team. Their cluster injuries across the secondary align poorly with the Panthers' increasingly consistent passing game. The Panthers should gain chunk yardage through the air, even with the pressure the Eagles' defensive line is likely to generate.

On paper, Wentz’ 3rd down performance has been exceptional, but a big part of his success has been the Eagles' ability to stay on schedule with their running game, putting Wentz in manageable situations. The Panthers are elite in run defense, which makes me believe the Eagles will struggle to produce consistent offense.

Favorable matchups for the Panthers on either side of the ball should give them enough of an edge in this game to outperform expectations. 


** As always, Thursday Night picks will be included as one of my five weekly picks. A full review of the previous week will be included when I pick the remaining four games this week**

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