2015 Week 3 Thursday Night ATS Pick

** As always, Thursday Night picks will be included as one of our 5 weekly picks. A full review of the previous week will be included when we pick the remaining 4 games this week**


Washington +4 (110) @ Giants

The Giants have had a rather un-fortuitous start to the season, blowing double digit forth quarter leads in each of the first two weeks--or have they? It is undeniable that the Giants have blown leads, but does that make them an unlucky 0-2 team poised for a mean regression win? Against the Cowboys, the Giants were the beneficiaries of sloppy Cowboy ball security, including an end-of-half fumble recovery returned for a touchdown. If we are to treat poor execution as the "bad luck" that lost the Giants leads, we must also consider their opponents "bad luck" that gave the Giants those leads to begin with. In reality, the "bad luck" narrative is just a way to reconcile Eli Manning's career inconsistency with his post season accomplishments. There is no reason to expect Eli or the Giants to play better late game football.

For Washington, there has been nothing lucky about their impressive first two weeks of the season. Washington outplayed a highly regarded Dolphin team for most of Week 1, before completely dominating a Rams team that we believe to be quite good. Washington's offensive line is playing at an incredibly high level, which allows them to control the tempo of their games with an effective rushing attack. Defensively, their front seven has looked equally impressive and fits nicely into what Washington is trying to do as a team. Overall, we think Washington is a better team than the Giants, and we like them to win outright on the road.