2015 Week 2 ATS Picks

Week 16 Review (Week 4-1, Season 4-1, All Time 150-126-2)

Week 1 of the 2015 season was our best start to a season ever, registering a 4-1 record. Our performance was boosted by correct calls not just on what teams would win, but also on how they would win. The Rams won with an overpowering pass rush, the Bengals were visibly more talented than the Raiders, the Cardinals struggled defensively, but took advantage of a bad Saints defense, and the Jets looked like a surprisingly well-balanced team with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. The market has unfortunately already corrected for a lot of its Week 1 mispricings, but there are still plenty of opportunities in Week 2.


Week 2 Picks

Rams -3 (115) @ Washington

Washington surprised many with how closely they played the Dolphins, but we see this as a bigger negative for the Dolphins than a positive for Washington. Conversely, it seems as though the Rams' performance is being viewed more as a fluke, making this game a "trap." We believe that the Rams are a not a one-week-wonder and instead are a legitimate playoff contender, who should be able to make quick work of a below average Washington team.


Bengals -3.5 (100) vs Chargers

The Chargers and Bengals both impressed in Week 1, but we believe that the Bengals are being underrated because of the lowly caliber of their opponent. A pass reliant Chargers team is also a great match up for a Bengals defense that excels in pass coverage. The Bengals are still susceptible to struggling offensively against an elite defense, but the Chargers certainly do not have one. We like the Bengals to pull away late and win somewhat comfortably.


Steelers -6.5 vs 49ers

The 49ers were probably the biggest surprise team of Week 1 as they beat Vikings in every phase of their Monday night game. The market has certainly corrected for this Week 1 performance, but we wonder how much the 49ers win had to do with the significant injuries to the Vikings' offesive line and the interplay those injuries had with the Vikings' ability to execute their gameplan. The Steelers are not without their faults, but overall, they are still significantly better than the 49ers, and the final score of this game should reflect that disparity.


Eagles -4.5 vs Cowboys

Despite the final scores, the Eagles and Cowboys performed as expected for large parts of their respective contests. Once settled, the Eagles looked much better than the Falcons, and the Cowboys were really only behind because of their multiple turnovers. The primary difference between the two games was that the Eagles walked away completely healthy, while the Cowboys suffered multiple injuries at key positions. Given that the Cowboys were thin to begin with, we think the Eagles are in a great spot to land an opportunistic blow out.