2015 Week 2 Thursday Night ATS Pick

** As always, Thursday Night picks will be included as one of our 5 weekly picks. A full review of the previous week will be included when we pick the remaining 4 games this week**


Broncos +3 (100) @ Chiefs

Last week, the Broncos played what is likely to be one of the ugliest games of the season. Peyton Manning had a QBR of just 26.4, but the Broncos were still able to win because they held Joe Flacco to a QBR of just 13.1 and kept the Ravens out of the Red Zone for the entire game. As much as the Broncos bad offensive line made Manning look washed up (falsely), their defensive line dominated the Ravens' great offensive line, which ultimately allowed them to control the game. 

The Chiefs played a game that was decidedly less ugly than Broncos, but that doesn't necessarily mean they played significantly better as a team. The Texans are an average team, and yet, the Chiefs were held scoreless in the second half and only won by a single score. Despite scoring 27 points, the Chiefs' offense managed only 3.0 YPC and a QBR of 64.8. 

The Broncos, all around, are a stronger team than the Chiefs, but this wasn't apparent last Sunday because of the relative strength of their opponents and because of how poorly the Broncos' offensive line played. We like the Broncos to have more success running the football and to dominate defensively on their way to close road victory.