2015 Week 15 NFL ATS Picks

Week 14 Results

Week 4-1, Season 39-30-1, All Time 185-155-3


Week 15 Picks

Due to time constraints, the commentary will unfortunately (or fortunately?) be brief:


Carolina -4 @ New York

The Giants could be 11-3 if they won all their close games. Wait, why are they in so many close games against bad teams? Better yet, why do they lose them all?


Arizona - 3.5 @ Philadelphia

The Eagles continue to win on their opponents' sloppy play. They aren't as good as we all think, and the Cardinals are the farthest thing from sloppy. 


Atlanta +3 (115) @ Jacksonville

Don't overreact to the Jaguars' big win...or the Falcons' big loss. 


Oakland +3 (EV) vs Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers throwing 218 yards on 35 attempts doesn't mean the Packers offense 'is back', it means Eddie Lacey and James Starks distracted everyone from the real issues that still exist at WR. Don't expect the Raiders to give up on tackling in the second half like the Cowboys, and don't expect a repeat performance on the ground from the Packers.


Cincinnati -4.5 @ San Francisco

The Bengals would still be better than this 49ers team if Blaine Gabbert was their (The Bengals) starter. Unfortunately for the 49ers, Blaine Gabbert is their (The 49ers) starter.